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Prof. Dr. Amr El Naggary

Professor of Plastic Surgery

Born on the 20th of October back in 1972,

Dr. Amr Mohamed Abd El-Moneam El-Naggary

would eventually rise to super-stardom in the world of Plastic Surgery.

Graduating in 1996 with an M.B.B.Ch from the oldest and most prestigious edifice of Medicine in Egypt, Kasr Al-Ainy University, Dr. Amr would go on to pursue knowledge and expertise with unmatched voracity.

Not only was he content with attaining a Masters Degree in 2001 from his alma mater, Dr. Amr simultaneously went for both more post-grad national degrees and international recognition.

He would receive his M.D. title from Kasr Al-Ainy University in 2006 merely one year after receiving a membership in the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) from the College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (2005).

Dr. Amr prides himself on his practical skills that were honed over the past two decades to near perfection. Dr. Amr boasts an astounding 10,000+ successfully completed plastic surgery procedures under his belt. If it’s a pair of highly experienced, safe hands you’re seeking then look no further.

Whether it’s perfected techniques, encyclopedic knowledge, a master’s expertise, cutting edge medicine or the warmest, most personable character you can find in the field ….

Dr. Amr is your answer

& Yes Clinic is your destination !

 Located in Heliopolis and Mohandeseen - Cairo,


is your ‘one stop shop’ for all your cosmetic needs

and one of the leading accredited destinations when it comes to Aesthetic care in Egypt and the Middle-East. Offering services spanning

multiple disciplines of the cosmetic field you’ll find that whatever your wishes may be; they are our command. And the answer is always YES!

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Through the diversification of the services provided
in order to meet all possible needs of our patients…

Plastic surgery is

a field of empowerment

It believes that every human is entitled to make their own decisions about their own bodies to achieve self- satisfaction. Confidence in your own skin translates to confidence in all aspects of your life from the social to the professional and even the mental.

We here at YES Clinic promote healthy bodies, minds and souls. This is achieved through a healthy diet, a shiny smile and a youthful body to reflect your beautiful spirit. Our team of fantastic experts work in tandem with our other highly skilled teams of professionals in the fields of Nutrition, Dermatology and Dentistry to help you achieve the healthiest most beautiful YOU you can be.

The prospect of surgery might be daunting or scary to some, but you can rest assured that when you choose YES Clinic, you are choosing the best of the best in the business. Led by the incomparable Prof. Dr. Amr El-Naggary, our ELITE team of gifted plastic surgeons are ready for your every need! Plastic Surgery demands the keen eyes and deft touches of an artist who strives towards aesthetic perfection. Put your faith in our artists and you shall be satisfied with the outcome.

Yes Clinics guarantees it!


Surgery serves as an ideal approach for three different situations.

First, in cases where other approaches have failed or aren’t applicable. Second, surgery may be used in a complimentary fashion with another approach to achieve an outstanding combined effect. Lastly, surgery is perfect for people looking for the fastest, most permanent and most decisive solution.

When done by the right hands,

surgery can offer some truly remarkable results.

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Surgery is surgery.

This means that it involves preparation before it’s done and requires care after it’s finished. You must be declared fit for surgery according to your medical condition and history. Any surgery carries with it some form of risk of complications. Our surgeons will take the time to explain to you everything regarding the procedure you will have including those risks and the steps they will take to minimize those risks so you can rest easy.

Finally, while choosing our talented and experienced surgeons means you’re in safe hands, the ultimate success of your procedure will come down to your own discipline.
Making sure to follow the instructions you’re given and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the keys to a successful satisfactory surgical outcome.

Now, onto the list of surgeries.

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